Saturday, May 16, 2015

Event: The weekend of Rolling Kitchens 2015

The Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens brings an annual dose of outdoor mobile food fun to the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam. The event is here for it's eighth edition from May 13th to may 17th. 
Mobile delicacies
During this (long) weekend, dozens of mobile kitchens descend upon the park in the west of Amsterdam to create an enormous open air restaurant! Food to suit every appetite is on the menu, with everything from fresh Italian pizza to sophisticated seafood dishes on offer. 

Hunt around for your favourite dish(es), pick up your order and relax under the sun (or later in the evening, stars) as you enjoy your food. There's no entrance charge for Rolling Kitchens and the food is designed to tickle the most culinary of taste buds without breaking the bank. 

Jummie, insects!
Trying 5 different 'bitterballen'. Truffle, beef, fish, goat cheese and chorizo. Delish!
The coolest record player ever!
Pulled pork, cole slaw and corn bread. Feels like I'm back in Brooklyn. Gotta love soul food!
Mr. Handsome
Delicious oysters.
Bacon and cheese burger from Firma Pickles.
Lemon curd in a jar! A perfect dessert.

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