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Hey there! I'm Mandy, a 29 years old Graphic Designer from Zaandam, a little city in The Netherlands. I live here with my boyfriend Wouter a.k.a. The Mister or Mister Handsome. I've been working as a Graphic Designer for more than 8 years now, but I've had this blog even longer. I started this blog way back when I wanted to show the world my scrapbooking pages and it worked. I've been in the design team at two scrapbooking shops in Amsterdam. But when the hype went away, the shops did too, unfortunately. At a certain point my life changed completely, from 'living' in my studio, making stuff, to living the life to the fullest. Because of this, my blog content changed too, I did share some recipes in the past, but the last 4 years I've been trying more recipes and sharing them here is something I really enjoy. Sports became a bigger part in my life, I always worked out three times a week (running and kickboxing), but I take it more serious at the moment.

So actually, I'm a girl with too many hobbies and too little time. Some of them are: Sports. I love to run, lift, do bootcamp, crossfit and I'm going to try out yoga in the near future too. Crafts. I've been doing Project Life for almost three years now, showing it here on my blog on a weekly base. I also make custom name paintings for newborns and weddings. Books. I love to read, explore new worlds through letters and get myself lost in amazing stories, that's why I also have a bookblog: Drink Tea, Read Books. Movies. I love a good movie, whenever I find the time to sit down and relax, I love to watch a movie with the Mister. I've been keeping a list of everything we've seen and I'm sharing that in my monthly reviews and a full list at the end of the year. Fashion. Like almost every girl I like to buy clothes and shoes, I'm sharing an outfit post here every once in a while. Traveling. Who doesn't love to travel? I sure do and I try to do it as much as possible, I've seen a lot of Europe, a tiny bit of Africa and not enough of The USA. High on my list is Indonesia, finding my roots. If you'd like to see where I've been the last 3 years, check my Travel Index.

This is Shannon, a.k.a. Sniffy. She's the photographer of most of my outfit shoots and often my partner in crime. She also was a guest blogger, sharing her skull t-shirt DIY. We're also doing Dailystills together. A photo a day challenge with monthly lists on Instagram.

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