Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Snippets of my life #23

Last week it was very hot here in the Netherlands. I loved it! Working in it without air conditioning is not really comfortable, but we did have a long weekend to enjoy the beautiful weather!
Flowers everywhere in my street!
I love how my street turns green in spring and summer! - My glasses are fixed, yay!
Me enjoying some cool air at work - Buddha slept one night next to me (he isn't allowed, but Jarno was away on a surf trip in Portugal and I was planning on changing the sheets anyway!
I made myself a nice salad - and a yummie pizza when Jarno was gone.
My first pair of Toms! Finally available in the Netherlands, man.. it's like walking on clouds! - Some notepads and piercings I've bought and a bell for my bike.
The mister got back safely! Chilling in the sun and having fresh smoothies and melon :)
Bibber, the cat of one of my friends where I went for a BBQ - Me and Marielle with our pretty 3D glasses on for MIBIII.

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