Thursday, May 31, 2012

Project Life: Week #18

This week I made a spread and I inserted an extra page protector because I took so much photos this week. I started with monday; Queensday! Big party in the Netherlands, everybody wears orange and drinks a lot. I've spent a whole page with photos of Queensday. In the smaller page protector is the rest of the week. The right side of the spread is just about saturday, when my mom and dad visited.

Left side: Queensday 2012

Right side: A saturday with my mom and dad.

And the rest of the week, front:

And the back:

Somebody asked me if I order my photos for Project Life or if I print them myself. Let me answer that. I print them myself. I make sure everything is the right size, I print them as much photos as possible on A3 paper and cut them out.

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