Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Travels: What's in my carry-on?

For those who are curious about what I'm taking with me on the airplane. I packed my little backpack for an 8 hour flight to Florida and decided to share what I'll bring. We only have one meal on the plane, which wont be clean. I want to try to eat enough before we take off and sleep the whole flight, so I wont have too much troubles with the time difference. But, if I can't sleep and I get hungry, I'll have enough to snack on and enough to do. We can watch a movie, read magazines and books. And when I'm hit with a sudden burst of inspiration, I can scribble it down in my notebook!

What I'm bringing:
My passport - backpack (Dakine) - Empty water bottle (which I fill up at the gate) - Umbrella (Primark) - iPad in a Michael Kors sleeve - earplugs and a splitter (so we can watch movies together) - 2 magazines (Elle and Women's Health) - iPhone 5S in a Marc Jacobs cover - My notebook (Moleskine) and pens - An E-reader (Kobo Glo) - A little toilet bag (HEMA) - Lip balm (Vaseline) - Face wipes (H&M) - Hair bands (Primark) - Hand sanitizer (D.I.O.) - Moisturizing hand cream (S.O.S.) - A case for my glasses (Dolce & Gabanna) and snacks (Smart Bar, apple, boiled egg, apple sauce).

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