Sunday, March 8, 2015

Outfit: Gym time!

You can find me at the gym (or CrossFit box) three times a week, so why not share a different kind of outfit today? One to work out in. When my CrossFit coach was on vacation, Shannon and I decided to use the opportunity to work out together again at my local gym, Unique Fitness in Zaandam. A small, but cozy gym with everything you need! We were alone, so plenty of space and time to do a little photoshoot!
Don't forget to hydrate!

What I'm wearing:
Sports jacket: Björn Borg - Shirt: Jorrit Baars - Leopard leggings: Asics - Crossfit shoes: Reebok Nano's - Drinking bottle: Runnersworld - Sports bra: H&M.

Ass to the grass front squat.
Lat pull down.

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