Monday, February 2, 2015

Event: Food Soul Festival, Amsterdam

Last weekend Wouter and I went to The Food Soul Festival in Amsterdam. A super fun festival, perfect for a foodie like me! Lots of food trucks, nice music and great company. The scenery was awesome, with the lights, the trucks and palm trees. Do you want to see what we've eaten, read on!

We started with a lovely bun with stewed meat, delicious!
Heaven on a bun!
Great music while we eat.
How awesome is this?
Next course, a delicious fat and juicy burger!

A spicy burger with chorizo, cheese and jalapeno, really good!
For dessert we shared a white chocolate pie with raspberries and pistachios.
Handing out my business cards, can you spot it?
Second dessert! We shared a lemony crepe. Yum!
This festival is definitely a recommendation if they're doing another one next year. Make sure you're early so you can sit down with your food before it gets crowdy!

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