Thursday, November 13, 2014

DIY: Mini succulent and cacti garden

I've been pinning these little mini terrariums for ages and when my friend and cousin-in-law Lisette asked me if I wanted to make some together, I immediately said yes! So last saturday, before we had a pizza and wine party, we went to a garden shop and bought everything we needed!

enough choice, this was cacti heaven!

What we used: 
  • A glass vase or container with a large opening
  • Cacti and succulents in different sizes
  • Cactus mix soil
  • Gravel
  • Moss
  • Tweezers (trust me, those babies sting!)
  • Handgloves

  1. Pick out succulents that you would like to use in your terrarium. 
  2.  Select a glass container. Remember to choose a container with a wide opening to prevent accumulation of moisture. 
  3. Place a 2-inch layer of gravel on the bottom of container; this provides drainage.
  4. Place a layer of cactus mix soil, a fast-draining soil that retains little moisture.
  5. Add accents or garden ornaments, such as cement mushrooms; iron birds and snails; large river rocks; and glass bugs and spiders.

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  1. You make beautiful cactus terrariums! I can say that you have sample, stunning taste that is perfect for cactus terrarium designs! Thank you for sharing, you inspired me to try!