Friday, October 3, 2014

Run: Update (a sad one)

Because I was planning on writing a little blog post about every run I signed up for, I'm writing you an update. I always kept this blog 'positive', I didn't want any negativity on my blog, but I feel like I need to share my running story with you, even though it's not a fun one. But it's reality, so here it is.

Well people. I failed. I was doing really good, even bettered my personal record on the 10 EM in june, but about 1,5 months before all the 'big' runs I've signed up for, I got shin splints. Am I kidding you? Nope. I've never ran as much in my life as this year and I've never enjoyed it as much as I did a couple of weeks ago. I went on an 18 km run and felt good afterwards (wait, whut?), but all the running and the fact that my running shoes were 1,5 years old, messed up my shins. Because of my high pain level I didn't feel the injury fast enough and when I did, it was too late. No more running, no more bootcamp, not even a lot of (just) walking.

So this year I've missed my favorite run, the Dam tot Damloop (10 EM), I'm not able to do MudMasters (18 KM) and I'm sooo bummed I'm not able to run my first half marathon with Laura. I wasn't only looking forward to these races, I've also payed lots of money for all of them.

So, this is why there won't be a lot of running updates on my blog this year, but I'm already looking forward to next years running season and hopefully I'll run my first half marathon when I'm 30. It does sounds like a good (to-do in my 30's) challenge, right?


  1. Je kan het positief willen houden, maar dit is gewoon real life, Man. Hopelijk kan je snel weer aan de bak! Beterschap! Xx Ann

  2. Ow what a bummer Mandy, I hope you'll heal fast and will be able to go back to running soon again.

  3. thank god your shins are doing better now! Be carefull with your body and good luck with the next big runs you are going to do! You can do it! Kiss!