Sunday, July 20, 2014

Snippets of my life #57

Hey there! It's sunday evening already, so time to share some Snippets of my life again. This week was really sunny and warm, which I think is awesome. I went to my work on my bicycle often. I've received more books, did a 9 km interval training in the heat and I went to a local recreation area with my brother and sis in law on my free friday!

On friday the Mister and I celebrated our 2 year 'dating anniversary. He surprised me with a huge bouquet of roses (24 red and one white) and tickets to Boom Chicago. We went out for sushi in Amsterdam and went to the show 'Attack of the Killer Bikes' at Boom Chicago. It was hilarious and I had a super fun night out!

The rest of the weekend was fun too. Chilling in the sunshine, a birthday party from a friend, a 13 km run through the forest of Castricum with my running buddies and relaxing the rest of the day by drinking tea, reading books and eating delicious spelt cookies the Mister bought me. At the end of this sunday we went to my in-laws garden where we chilled some more and had a delicious barbecue.

This week was awesome.

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