Monday, July 21, 2014

Doel: A Roadtrip to a Ghost Town

On the road!
Lately I've been very interested in abandoned places, so when I learned about Doel, a little ghost village in Belgium, I was sold. I wanted to go there! Just over the border and only a 2,5 hour ride from home. So I contacted my friend Melissa, if she and her boyfriend wanted to go with us on this roadtrip. They did, a date was set and sunday the 13th we went on this adventure. I forgot my camera (left it in a different car, stupid!), so all photos are made with my phone or Melissa's GoPro.

So about Doel. It's a tiny village, scheduled to be completely destroyed to make room for an expanding harbor. Every protest and the incredible street art cannot stop te inevitable destruction. Today there are 25 inhabitants left, who wont leave their house. Meanwhile this village has been transformed into an artistic playground with a post-apocalyptic atmosphere.

We kinda were expecting empty streets and grumpy inhabitants, who are not happy with the 'disaster tourism'. But when we arrived there was a huge sign with all kinds of warning and a poster  announcing a flee market, lol. So we weren't the only ones there.

Photo by Melissa
Photo by Melissa

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