Friday, September 27, 2013

28 before 29

I've seen this all over the blogging world and I thought it would be fun to do one of these too. 28 things to do before I'm 29. Last tuesday it was my 28th birthday. I don't like the thought of getting old, but I must admit that I've never been feeling better. I always did a lot of sports; gymnastics, kickboxing, gymclasses, running etc.  I now feel I've got the right combination of sports, mixing bootcamp, weightlifting and running to fit my working lifestyle. I feel awesome. I don't have a lot time left for a lot of creative things, but I'm keeping up with project life, wich is fine by me. A custom name painting from time to time and that's it. I rather spend my time with the Mister.

This list is all about fun nights, sports, trips, eating, drinking and more photography. I don't think it's hard to check everything of this list in a year. And that's okay. If I do everything on this list, my year will be awesome.

Wel this is it, my list:

01. Move to a bigger place (with the Mister!)
02. Visit London with Mr. Handsome
03. Do 5 unassisted pull-ups
04. Buy a MacBook Air
05. Sell my old stuff on a flee market
06. Discover a new band
07. Read 15 books
08. Complete another 10 EM run
09. Do 3 photoshoot with Snif
10. Start a written (daily) journal
11. Go to a concert
12. Take a yoga class
13. Try out 5 new restaurants
14. Go to a festival
15. Make an abstract painting
16. Bake bread from scratch
17. Organize a cocktail night
18. Visit a new (to me) country
19. Movie day with Snif
20. Go wine tasting
21. Take Photo Booth photos
22. Try out a new recipe every month
23. Have a mother and daughter day
24. Use my record player
25. Host the biggest b-day party ever
26. Do 5 photo walks
27. Finish my cross stitch pillow
28. Design a gym clothing line

I will post an update about my progression every 3 months! That should keep me motivated.

Have you ever done a list like this? How did it work out?

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