Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A fleemarket adventure: Ijhallen, Amsterdam

This saturday I went to a huge fleemarket in Amsterdam with my mom and dad. I took my camera along, so you can have a peek yourself, enjoy! Tap 'Read more'.

Some old Dutch kitchenware.

Part of the fleemarket was outside, and the rest of it in a huge building which used to be a warf.

My mom and I

Mom and dad.

My favorite!

I wanted that spine! But it was too expensive for me.
I also took some photos with my IPhone and Instagram:
Fifties kitchenware

Vintage brooches
My haul!
I bought only clothing there and I made some pretty good deals! Like a dress from Tommy Hilfiger for € 5,00 a skirt by 10 Feet for € 0,50, some clothing by Nümph and much much more, Everything you see in the photo above I've bought for only € 40,00!
My closet is ready for summer!

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