Saturday, August 8, 2015

Event: Amsterdam Kookt

Amsterdam has another food festival, Amsterdam Kookt. But this festival doesn't only have loads of food trucks, there're also lots of live music performances and you can do workshops as well. Fun! I went there with my foodie friend Charlie, from Charlie's Kitchen and our lovers. The NDSM wharf is the perfect place for a festival like this. The old cranes, the graffiti and old buildings give it a great atmosphere. We had a great time with lots of sunshine, lovely food and drinks.

Now, on to the photos:

Time to eat!
The old wharf is such an inspirational place.
You buy a glass and get a new one every time you order a drink, good for the environment!
Old Amsterdam burger, nom!
If I'll ever marry, I want this at the party!
Coconut balls! I had the one with white chocolate. So good.
Dutch Weed Burger, totally vegan and delicious!
Bitterballen, a real Dutch snack. These all have different fillings.
The mister had some spareribs. I tasted and it was gooood.
Nothing's better than a fresh iced tea on a hot day like this!

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