Friday, June 26, 2015

Review: Monbento Lunch box + accessories

Years ago I started making Bento Boxes (Japanese lunch boxes) and I really liked it and I'm not really sure why I stopped doing it! Bento boxing perfectly fits in my healthy lifestyle, since it's perfect to prep my meals in. Last weekend this Monbento lunch box came in the mail and immediately prepped monday's lunch in there!

I got the original white and grey double lunch box!
Let me tell you more about this lunch box!
The first collection designed by monbento®, MB Original is the ideal format for lunch at the office, picnics and TV dinners.

Consisting in two airtight containers, a food cup for MB Original in color of top container or a divider and a wide elastic strap, foods stay in place and arrive intact.
Similar in design to its predecessor, the new version has many new features. Made in stronger high-quality plastic with a "soft-touch" finish, the new lunchbox combines sturdiness and style.

To vary your meals and open compartments more easily, the intermediary lid has also been improved and is now 100% airtight ! And because ease of use is an obsession for monbento®, the new MB Original is now fully microwave ready (thanks to a little silicone cap in the intermediary lids) and dishwasher safe.

Food grade

2 containers, 1 lid (material PBT)
2 intermediary lids (material PP)
1 food cup or a divider (material PP)
2 caps + joints (material Silicone)
1 elastic band (material Elastane)

I also got these little sauce cups. Perfect to hold your salad dressing or pine nuts!
They fit in the box perfectly!
A little extra: Silicon cups, you can add them as an extra container and in the big one you can bake stuff (like banana bread) that'll fit perfectly in you lunch box!
I got my Lunch box plus accessories from, but for the Dutchies, they're also sold on!

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