Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Digital Project Life: Week 20

The left page.
Week 20 was a good one! It all started with lots of sunshine on monday, we did a spontaneous trip to the beach after work. On tuesday I went for a run with Lisette, on thursday our weekend started! I went out for lunch with the Gangsters (don't ask me why we call ourselves gangster, okay?), to catch up. On friday the Mister and I went to Rolling Kitchens in Amsterdam. We ate lots of delicious food, we went home early so I could go to CrossFit!

The right page (weekend!)
On saturday, I had a chill day. Just relaxing before the big race. The Nike Women's Run. I met up with Charlie and the rest of the Fitgirls to do the warming up and run 10 km. I really took my time, because of my shins. It was lots of fun!

The full spread.

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