Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Event: We Love Smoothies!

Last Saturday I went to the We Love Smoothies workshop, organized by Claartje from Foodness and Daisy from ILoveHealth, powered by Body and Fitshop. Joyce and Linda joined me in the smoothie making and we had a great time.

There were lots of fruit products to work with. Body and Fitshop provided us with a big verity of super foods, Alpro provided the vegetable drinks like almond milk, rice milk, soy milk and more. Vita Coco made sure we've had enough coconut water to work with. Zespri provided us with kiwis and Kiemgroenten vegetable sprouts. Magimix sponsored the blenders we worked with and even provided some we could win!

Plenty of ingredients for our smoothies!
Claartje started with telling us about smoothies and an active lifestyle, she showed us how to make her famous Snicker smoothie, you can find the recipe on Foodness. It's full of protein and carbs, so perfect and delicious after a heavy workout. We made one ourselves and it was delicious!

Snicker smoothie 2.0 - DELICIOUS!
After the Snicker smoothie it was time for Inge (from De Bakparade) to tell us more about smoothies and loosing weight. Not reason why I drink smoothies, but really interesting nevertheless. Afterwards we were free to make our own smoothie. We made a green one and on our first try it wasn't really tasty, lol. So we added more sweet fruit until it was delicious.

Our green smoothie.
Before making the third smoothie, Daisy told us about the use of Superfoods in smoothies. Also an interesting topic. So we made our final smoothie one with lots of Superfoods, that one was the most delicious too!

Our pink superfood smoothie.
At the end they gave away a Magimix blender and I won! I'm so happy with it, it's so sturdy and it even has a smoothie setting. I couldn't wait to make another smoothie when I got home! We all got a great goodie bag too.

Yeah! I won :D
The goodiebag and the blender!
I had a great time making yummy smoothies with my friends, I already know a lot about healthy food, but I still learned a lot. SLA is a beautiful location and I'm already planning a lunch there! Anyways, it was a great way to start a saturday morning!

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