Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Travel: Summer vacation capsule wardrobe

Like for my daily wardrobe, I made a capsule wardrobe for my 17 day vacation in Florida and why not share it with you guys! Maybe it'll come in handy when you're going on a vacation yourself! Start with reading my tips for traveling light before you start making your own capsule wardrobe.

The Basics - Foundation
Start with picking items that will be the foundation for your wardrobe, neutral colors. I'm a lover of black and grey, so that's what you'll find in my basic items. I also added some denim and white. I choose 7 tops, which I can layer. 1 jacket, 2 dresses that can be worn casual or classy. 3 long trousers, but not to warm and 2 shorts.

1. White singlet (H&M)
2. Black singlet (H&M)
3. Black shorts (The Sting)
4. Light denim shorts (G-Star)
5. Dark blue chino (Only)
6. Black legging (H&M)
7. Loose peg trousers (Only)
8. Grey maxi dress (Only)
9. Black long cardigan (H&M)
10. Denim blouse with studs (Forever21)
11. Leather Jacket (Goosecraft)
12. Little black dress (Asos)
13. Denim sleeveless jacket with studs (G-Star)
14. White t-shirt with lace (H&M)
15. Black and grey shirt (H&M)

Interest - Colors and patterns
When I'm done with the basics I added two colors, mint and coral. I went through my wardrobe and picked out everything with those colors in it and from there I decided which items will go with me to Florida.

1. Coral dress (Vero Moda)
2. Mint singlet (The Sting)
3. Coral singlet (The Sting)
4. Patterned coral blouse with glitter (Vero Moda)
5. Short patterned mint dress (Forever21)
6. Black and white patterned shorts (The Sting)

I never want to bring lots of shoes, because they're heavy and take up lots of space in your suitcase. So I decided to bring one pair of fashionable running shoes, so I can wear those on days we have to walk a lot and I can wear them on runs. Because I'll be running on vacation too! So, multiple purposes for these shoes! I'll also wear them on the plane, so I won't need the space in my suitcase.

1. LunarGlide 6 (Nike)
2. Black flip flops (Reef)
3. Beige shoes (Toms)
4. Black sandals (Invito)

I also made some combinations for you, so can see what you can do with these items:
I really hope this will help with making your own capsule wardrobe for your vacation, you really don't need lots of stuff, because you'll probably wear only half of it or less. It's also fun and helpful to make some combinations up front and photograph them with your phone. Then you can scroll through possible outfits when you're still in bed!

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