Sunday, February 22, 2015

Outfit: Comfy at the office

Most of the times, the office where I work is very cold. So I always wear a warm sweater or vest with a scarf. Fortunately we don't have any rules about clothes, we can wear anything we like as long as it's decent. In summer we're allowed to wear shorts, flip flops and tank tops (That's probably because we don't have air conditioning and we would melt if we had to wear more clothes, lol!) and this also means I get to wear comfy clothes. And sometimes, when you're feeling a bit under the weather, that's pretty awesome. And it's realy easy to update your casual outfit to casual chic!

What I'm wearing:
Long cardigan (H&M) - Grey dress shirt (Only) - Dark grey patterned leggings (H&M)
Shoes (Even & Odd) - Ring (From my grandpa) - Nose stud, black silicon tunnels and tragus piercing (

Leggings, a long shirt and a soft cardigan, comfy!
Make it more suitable for the office by wearing comfy heels.
My granpa's ring.
And ofcourse, thank you Shannon for the photos!

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