Monday, December 29, 2014

Snippets of my life #63: Our Christmas days

Christmas is already over and we've had amazing days. We hung out with our families, had lots of food, presents and fun! I made lots of photos and I decided I want to share some of them right here, on my blog.
Wouter and I always unwrap each other presents on Christmas Eve!

So, are you ready for some Christmas days photo spam? Just click read more for lots of photos!

One of my gifts for Wouter is this hand made Scrabble magnet. Just a little fun extra!
We had the day of on Christmas Eve, so we just chilled, prepped the brunch for the 1st Christmas day, unwrapped the presents we bought for each other and in the evening we went to see The Hobbit with my brother and sis-in-law.

The next day, the first day of Christmas, we hosted a little brunch with friends. So we've bought some lovely breads and I made mimosas to start with!
Ready for the first day of Christmas!
Yum, mimosas! (Fresh orange juice mixed with champagne)
And yes, I use shot glasses for my eggs!
The girls!
All of us! Me, Wouter, Caro, Maikel and Liset.
Us :)
After a big brunch we all went separate ways, to our families. We've celebrated the first day of Christmas with my in-laws.
All the presents under the tree!
We all got Christmas sweaters!
The dinner table.
Finally done with eating! Happy and full bellies!
On the second day of Christmas, boxing day, we went to my parents. Another day filled with lovely food, fun and presents.
All of us! Wouter, me, my dad Steve, my mom Petra, my little brother Nicky and Joyce!
Mom with her kids :p
And mom with her kids-in-law ;)
Me with my 'little' brother.
My mom and her daughters
And dad with his sons :)
Mom and dad!
We've had the most perfect days and we're so blessed with both our families! We're super spoiled with all the presents we've got and I'm sharing just a couple of them. We've got lots more!
The Ikea Raskog cart in my color to hold my art supplies and the pretties Michael Kors bag!
Scent chips and a scent burner. I love nice smells. We also got Rituals scent sticks and scented candles :)
A beautiful bamboo tea box from Pt. also in my color, lol.
The books I got this year!

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