Wednesday, December 24, 2014

15 goals for 2015

Hey there! Today I want to share my 15 goals for 2015. I always like to set some fun goals for a new year. And I don't mean loosing weight or eating healthier, I think if you want to have an healthier lifestyle you have to start right away. No, this is a fun list. And I can't wait to do them all!

1. Move into our new home.
2. Make a painting for myself.
3. Sell stuff at a flee market again.
4. Print business cards.
5. Go on a road trip.
6. Run the Dam tot Damloop.
7. Go on a food tour in Amsterdam.
8. Read 50 books.
9. Try out Bikram Yoga.
10. Buy CrossFit shoes.
11. Finish another year of Project Life, but digital this time.
12. Daily updates on the blog.
13. Use my Fuji Instax Mini more often.
14. Try a new recipe every month.
15. Say 'No' more often.

I think most of these goals are pretty easy and that's what makes it fun. Like selling stuff at a flee market, we already booked a table at a local flee market, so that is set. A road trip through Florida is booked too, so that's definitely gonna happen. Daily updates on this blog is gonna be a harder one, but I think with the right planning it's manageable. Reading 50 books is gonna be harder next year, because we're probably busy with our new house, but we'll see!

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