Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hotspot: Landmarkt (Amsterdam)

Before we went to the garden house for our vacation, we heard a lot of great things about this place called Landmarkt. It's an organic supermarket that has everything. Fresh fruit, veggies, meat, fish, bread, healthy snacks, cookbooks, lots of stuff you can buy at any supermarket, but organic and fair.

They also have a restaurant where you can have lunch, dinner or just a deliciou cup of  coffee with pie of the day. I went there three times during our vacation and every time I enjoyed it very much. We also bought some groceries. The first time we went there I brought my camera and shot some photos:

Fruit and vegtables.
Fresh baked bread, all kinds of types.
Goat cheese! My favorite ;)
The first time we went there for lunch. The mister first had a delicious cup of coffee and I had a fresh  orange juice. It's no surprise I chose the goat cheese sandwich and I'm so glad I did. It was delicious! Warm, soft goat cheese with a delicious sauce, veggies and walnuts. So freaking good. It was so good that when I got back there the next week to have lunch with my friend Caroline, I had it again. Never enough goat cheese!
They also serve salads, pastas, risotto and sweet stuff like applepie, muffins, date pie, carrot cake etc. Another plus: they'll make a cappuccino with soy milk if you want. Yes.

Heaven on a plate.

After we'd signed the papers for our new home, we celebrated it with a lovely dinner with tasty wines. For a starter I had a salmon bonbon filled with Dutch shrimps and Wouter had a meat platter, with all kinds of dried ham, sausages, etc. For the main course I had lamb chops with grilled veggies and Wouter had entrecote with grilled veggies and sweet potato. It was all really good. The fish was fresh, our meat was tender and you get a lot. I was super stuffed. But we couldn't pass the dessert so we ordered a platter with different kinds of desserts from their menu, so we could taste it all. They were good. We went home with full happy bellies and I definitely recommend going here, it doesn't matter if you're going for groceries, lunch or dinner. It's all perfect.

The adress: 
Landmarkt Amsterdam 
Schellingwouderdijk 339
1023 NK Amsterdam

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