Monday, June 23, 2014

Run: The Midsummer's Night Cross

Date: Friday, June 20th
Location: Amsterdam Forest
Distance: 10 EM (16,1 km)
Running buddy: Lydia

My second run for this year was The midsummer's night cross in the Amsterdam Forest. Lydia asked me if I wanted to do this 16,1 km run with her. At the time I wasn't really sure if I could train for that distance in the short period of time I had. But I said yes anyway and signed up as soon as I could. Well, the training part worked out pretty well, because 2 weeks before this race I did a 18 km run, just to be sure I could do it. So I felt pretty confident and was looking forward to this race.

After a day at the office I hurried home and got ready! We met up at the station and went to the forest together. We picked up our starting number and did a little stretching. I was ready.

And oh my gosh, it went really well! We started pretty fast and Lydia told me if we would keep running like that, we would beat my PR of 1.28.00 hours. So I tried to keep up and the first 5 km went really well. The surroundings were beautiful and I really enjoyed myself. After those 5 km our pace was still pretty high, but I really needed to work hard to keep on running like that. After 10 km my legs started to hurt, but I kept running anyway, a little slower, I just couldn't continue the fast pace. Lydia really pushed me through these last kilometers, she was such a help!

In the end I finished with 3 personal records! We've finished the run in 1.22.08, who would have guessed that? It sure wasn't me, lol. I broke my PR on 5 km: 24.18 minutes, on 10 km: 50.00 minutes and my 10 EM. I couldn't believe I did it that fast! If it wasn't for Lydia's encouragements I would have finished minutes later! Thanks so much girl!

The route.

Running through the forest was awesome and I want to do this race again next year! Maybe set a new PR on the 10 EM :)

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