Thursday, June 12, 2014

Outfit: Rock that fandom

When my sister in law showed me her Harry Potter t-shirt, I knew I wanted it! I've been a Harry Potter fan since my 11th, when I read the first book. But, when I went to the store where they were sold, I couldn't find it.. So a couple of weeks later I had dinner with a group of friends and one of them, Lisette, showed us what she'd bought, because she went shopping before dinner, and she had the t-shirt! So the next day, I had a day off and I went to the store the minute it opened and I found it, yay! My very own Hogwarts t-shirt.

I wore it with a short skirt, a leather jacket and my old boots, making it more 'rock'.

The details:
Hogwarts t-shirt, necklace and belt: Primark - skirt: H&M - Boots: Monshoe - Watch: Michael Kors - Bracelet: Forever21 - Nailpolish: O.P.I. Every month is Oktoberfest

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