Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mom and Dad's 30th anniversary

With my mom and Buddha!
Last saturday my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary. We organized a huge party when they were married for 25 years, so my parents decided to celebrate this special day small, just with their kids. I made them a painting from the four of us (from a photo my mom wanted to have printed really badly, but it was to small to print properly) and we gave them a coupon for their favorite restaurant (De Koperen Bel in Zaandam). The painting will be here on my blog very soon.

My parents took us out for dinner, but before we went there we did a little photo shoot in the garden. Most of these photos are made by Wouter and my dad! :)

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With my mom and Sis-in-law, Joyce!
With my little brother.
Another one with Joyce.
With Mr. Handsome (Wouter) ;p
Cuties! :)
Too hot outside for Buddha ;)
Dinner Time! We all had delicious spare ribs, except for my mom, who had a carpaccio salad.

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  1. You have such a pretty family!