Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Life 2013: Organisation

This evening I've finished week 3 from Project Life and while I was at it, I decided I'd like to show you how I've organized my Project Life stuff. I don't have my studio anymore, but that's okay. The good thing about Project Life is that you don't need a room full of supplies. So let me show you my little box of Project Life goodies!
This is the box, it holds everything but my album.

Inside the box

This is all that's in there, a binder for my stickers, a 'box divider' and pen case by HEMA, some scrapbooking paper, a ruler, and glue.

In the binder I keep all my journaling and letter stickers.

In the 'box divider' I keep my journaling cards (right now I only use seafoam and my own designed cards), masking tapes, date stamps, a corner punch and some other little embellishments I like to use.

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  1. So awesome! Where did tougher the blue bin? It's perfect for my smash book stuff! P.S. do you know the difference between smash books and Project Life?