Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photo a day: December 2012

Keeping up with this photo a day was a little hard, I had to catch up a lot of times, but I'm glad I did again! It's fun to see the grid filled up with all these little moments you would forget about if you didn't make the photo!
These were the 'assignments' for the month by Fatmumslim. This month we're working on our own Photo a Day, you can find it on Instagram if you look for #dailystills!

If you like to see all my photos bigger, just click 'read more' and they'll all be there! Enjoy checking out all these little moments in my life :)

1. 8 o'clock

2. Peace

3. Something you held

4. Black & White

5. Looking up

6. From where you live

7. Stars

8. Someone you love

9. Out + About

10. Under

11. Sweet

12. Hat

13. Lights

14. Something green

15. Outdoors

16. Something you've made

17. On the floor

18. Makes you feel merry

19. Something beginning with 's'

20. Weather

21. Tree

22. Decoration

23. Joy is..

24. Tradition - Gourmet at Christmas

25. Lunchtime

26. Mess

27. How you relax

28. Cold

29. Hot ;)

30. Something that made you smile this year.
31. Self-portrait

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