Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Blogger: Shannon - DIY Skull t-shirt

Remember Shannon? She's the one with whom I made the 'Cutting up old t-shirts' DIY. She made another awesome one; The Skull T-shirt! She's guest blogging here to show you how!
1. Print out the drawing below in the size you want. Shannon printed it on multiple pages and taped them together.
2. Cut out the stencil:
3. Use a pencil or pen to trace the edges of the stencil onto your t-shirt.
4. Cut out the image and you're done!

That sounds easy, but it takes a lot of patience to cut out all those little pieces.

But it does look pretty awesome, right?!

If you're interested in being a guest blogger, send me an email here:!


  1. anonymous you're a bitch. the shirt is amazing! thanks!