Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DIY: Cutting up old t-shirts

After seeing loads of photos of old t-shirts which were made into something more.. edgy, Shannon and I decided to try it ourselves.

You need: Old t-shirts and scissors! We thrifted the t-shirts. Cut of the neckline hem and the sleeves all the way down to the waist (see drawing below).

Shannon deciding what to do with her t-shirt.

The t-shirts I'm cutting up.

Tadaa! Our finished product :) My mom made my jeans into these shorts with lace!

We made some more DIY t-shirts:


  1. Love this! I cut ALL my shirts haha. i do these kinds, off the shoulder, crop tops, and ones that look like thy have knotted tassles all over


  2. wow,it looks very well.you are great.theT-Shirt,I like it ~