Friday, May 11, 2012

Guest Blogger: Annelies from Studio Ann

Hello, I am Annelies, 31 years old (first time writing down my age since my birthday, not enjoying it), mother of Huub (21 months) and girlfriend of John (421 months). I work parttime as a graphic designer, the rest of the week I take care of my son and do the housekeeping and such.

I am the first guestblogger at Mandys’ blog. I also have a blog, which you can see here. My blog is about all kind of creative things I make. There is a lot I like to do, but these are my longtime loves: graphic design, typography, illustration, photography and crochet.

This guestblog is about a crochetproject I finished a while ago.

Mandy and I went thrifting together. We went to a big fleemarket at Mandy’s hometown, Alkmaar. There was a stall with all kinds of yarn. I think I stood there for 20 minutes, trying to decide what to buy. I bought a lot, including 3 yarns of some beige, cream and coral colored wool. I tried to make a scarf with it, but of course, I was short of yarn. So I finished with some cotton yarn I already had.

Ann, thanks so much for guest blogging here! I love your scarf :D

If you're interested in being a guest blogger, send me an email here:!

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