Thursday, March 8, 2012

Project Life 2012: Week #07

Week 7! This week we got a new floor and new desks at work. I like my new spot in the office! I visited Melissa and we went to see a tattoo artist to ask some questions about my new tattoo. I ate sushi on valentinesday with the mister and I went out with friends and had too much drink so I spent the sunday chilling on the couch with Buddha and a book!


  1. super leuk weer! gebruik je instagram foto's? zou t wel leuk vinden om je daar te volgen :) groetjes sam

    1. Ja, Ik gebruik bijna alleen maar Instagram foto's! Mijn Instagram username is mandy_fisher :)

  2. Muy interesante tu post, y que elegancia.

  3. Me encantan los collages como estos, hacen que hagamos los recuerdos de una forma linda y accesible :). Saludos