Monday, November 21, 2011

The Crafty Market

So last saturday was our first time ever on a crafty market. We've spent SO many hours just making stuff to fill our stand, get everything labeled and pretty. And it was worth it. Our stand looked fabulous! Too bad the location wasn't really good, and there weren't a lot people, but we're definitely trying again, but on another location!

Me behind our stand

Some of the stuff I was selling

Ann behind our stand

Hot chocolate to stay warm!

Cool owl bags from another seller

So now this is over, I have some time left to do other stuff, like watch tvshows, movies and just chill a bit. I do have tons of new ideas for our next market, but that'll have to wait.
I'm also back into my daily blogging routine again. So make sure to check back daily :)

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  1. How much fun! Colorful krafts just had their first 2 craft shows and they went quite well! Will be trying a couple more myself! Congrats on your first booth! Great blog! And love your table!