Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pure Luxe Cosmetics

A few weeks ago I ordered some samples at Pure Luxe Cosmetics. I saw a few eyelooks made with their products on other blogs and I decided to try it out! I was pleasantly surprised with the quick delivery from the USA, it only took one week!

Click 'Read More' for more information, photos and swatches!

The colors I picked! The Kaleidoscope colors are the most wonderful. The look like different colors from different angles. Faceted is purple/blue and Visions purple/brown. Very cool!
The Kaleidoscope Collection is a unique set of shadows that completely change colors depending on light and angle! Each color shifts to three separate shades. 

Swatches! Very pigmented and beautiful colors.

And all the colors once again:

Pretty aint it? Check back tomorrow for an eyelook with one of the Kaleidoscope colors!

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