Friday, July 8, 2011

Noosa Amsterdam

I've bought myself a Noosa bracelet!

A NOOSA bracelet is something you piece together. You choose.You start by picking one of the leather bracelets in one of the fabulous different coloured leathers. All of which are totally natural.

To read more about this fun way of putting together your own bracelet, click 'Read more'.

And then you make your bracelet more personal by clicking NOOSA 'chunks' into the studs on the bracelet. There are 95 different chunk 'jewels' to choose from. And you can change them.

A NOOSA chunk is more than a decorative accessory. There is a story behind it. A story about the people who made it, about what it symbolises, or about its origin. Such as the Tibetan dzi bead, which is traditionally associated with spirituality and protection.

The ones I got:

  1. Athena (The little owl): This coin comes from Athene, because the owl is an animal of the night it sees things others can't, so he symbolized wisdom.
  2. Mandha: Mandha literaly means circle en is used in meditation to get focussed. Messing with turquoise and jade.
  3. Turquoise: The gemstone turquoise is named after Turkey, because that's where the mineral first came from when it arrived in Europe.
My NOOSA wishlist:

Text and images on the wishlist are from the NOOSA website.


  1. Cool. Ik wil het. Ik wil het. Ik wil het....!

  2. Oh you lucky thing! I live in Australia and have been trying to buy a Noosa bracelet here but no luck :o(

    1. Hi, obviously a bit of an old blog comment, but Noosa Amsterdam is now in Austraila!

      You can find it at a number of Australian online boutiques including BloomsBoutique, Enzo and Toto, BlackBird and possibly some more stores.

      Hope this helps!

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  4. I sell affordable Noosa-Style SNAPS at here in the US. I will ship internationally. Contact me! I'm on Etsy as well