Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Body Shop Haul

Because The Body Shop celebrated their 35th anniversary last wednesday, they had a special evening with loads of discounts, a goody bag and a gift when you spend more than € 35,-. A perfect evening to buy some long longed items!

Do you want to see what I bought? Click 'Read more' below to see, enjoy!

The Goody Bag:

In there were some testers and flyers.

And these cute presents :) I love unpacking!

Samples, yay!

Almond hand cream, peppermint foot cream, almond hand soap and foot bath salt:

Because I spent more than € 35,00 I got this. A bath & showergel and a bodylotion!

The stuff I actually payed for:

A Aloƫ face scrub, Honey Bronze Shimmering dry oil, Coconut body scrub and a foundation brush.

Because I saved up 4 points on my Love Your Body card, I could choose a gift for € 10,-, yay to more free stuff! This is what I got: Two Tea Tree Oil Hand cleanse gel and an eyeshadow brush.

And everything together! Loads of stuff and most of it for free!

I love The Body Shop, do you?

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  1. Goed bezig! Ben benieuwd naar de Honey bronze!