Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Groupie in Wonderland

It's time to share my final homework assignment I did for Crejat:

For more detailed photos and the assignment, click read more!

The assignment:
In one painting add a woman with red hair, a man with a beard, a cactus, a cow, water, buildings, a carton of milk and a bouquet in a vase.

But wait, that's not all! There's a lot more I had to do in this painting:
  • It's later on the day, what kind of light/shadows will be there?
  • Think of shadows on the objects and from the objects
  • Use 2 color contrasts
  • One living object is sad
  • The man with the beard has to be stylized 
  • The buildings had to have an organic shape
  • There had to be two vanishing points
  • There had to be atmospheric perspective
  • The composition had to be L-shaped (I know, I don't have that)
  • Something had to be dynamic (don't have that either)
  • There had to be movement
  • In the front we had to work very pasty
  • One living object had to be build up with geometric shapes (cubism)
  • Gradient texture
And I probably forgot a bunch of stuff..


  1. Amaai, ik zou niet weten hoe ik eraan moet beginnen. Mooi hoor!!!
    xxx, Isolde