Wednesday, April 27, 2011

DIY: My Piggy Banks

People close to me may know that I'm always 'saving up' for a lot of stuff. I do most of that on my bank account, but I also have so called 'Piggy Banks'. I wanted to show you how I made these:

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What do you need for one piggybank:
• a glass jar
• a small doily
• pretty ribbons or lace
• yarn in a pretty color
• round journaling spot
• a little clip
• glue, I always use Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue, the best!
• spraypaint in your favorite color
• Glimmer mist
• Liquid Pearls
• scissors
• a black pen

1. Start with spray painting the lids of the jars:

Let is dry while doing the rest!

2. Take a doily and spray on it with Glimmer Mist:

3. Use the Tacky Glue to glue it on to the jar:

4. Put some ribbon or lace around it, I just glued it again with the Tacky Glue, that stuff just glues anything!

5. Take some yarn and attach the little clip before wrapping it around the jar. Glue the clip on the jar with Tacky Glue! So it doesn't move around the jar all the time.

6. Take the journaling spot and write down what you're saving up for and put it in the clip, now you're done!

I used the Liquid Pearls to decorate it a little.

Have fun making your own!


  1. They look lovely. It's nice to have a piggy bank for storing all that spare change lying around. It is very satisfying to see one get filled up with coins and loose change.